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MB4325 Small Roadside Locking Mailbox- $149.00

Click to See Large Roadside Mailbox


Made entirely of aluminum, roadside mailboxes feature both a front and rear access locking door.

Available in a powder coated black, white, silver, or green finish, each unit includes an outgoing mail tray, a lrock with two (2) keys on each door (keyed alike) and an adjustable red signal flag.

Mail is deposited through a non-locking access panel on the front. Roadside mailboxes can be mounted on the optional bolt down post or in-ground post or in-ground cap-top post.

Roadside mailboxes can also be mounted in columns, masonry or walls.

Non-locking thumb latches are available as an option upon request.
If you swap out one (1) lock, the surcharge is $10.00.
If you swap out both locks, the surcharge is $20.00.
Just put a note in the "Comments" field when checking out.

Roadside mailboxes are approved for U.S.P.S. curbside mail delivery.

Dimensions 12.5"W x 13.625"H x 18.25"D. Weight: 25 lbs

Roadside Mailbox: $149.00

Single Pedestal Mailbox Post: $99.00
Single In-Ground Standard Post: $99.00
Double In-Ground Standard Post: $159.00
Triple In-Ground Standard Post - $189.00
Single Deluxe Post: $159.00
Double Deluxe Post: $189.00
Quad Deluxe Post: $219.00

TO ORDER: Change the "0" to the
number of items you need to buy.

Small Roadside Mailbox ($149)
How Many Mailboxes? :

What Color (all items will be same color)?:

Mailbox Post
How Many Posts?:

Which Post?:

Newspaper Holders ($49)

How Many?:

MB4325 - Brass

MB4325 - Bronze

MB4325 - Copper

Standard Top Mount Post
Available Bolt-Down Pedestal or In-Ground Post:

Deluxe Post: cross-arm post
(mailbox sits side-saddle)
Just dig a hole: $159.00

Double Deluxe Post:
(mailboxes sits side-saddle)

Double Deluxe Post with
two newspaper holders

Standard Triple Post - $169.00
(For 3 Mailboxes)

Quad Deluxe Post -
(For 4 mailboxes)

Not a great picture, but this is a rearview of a Roadside Mailbox that was built into a brick column. The square design makes it an excellent choice for use in a column.

Newspaper Holder attaches
under the mailbox
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