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"Second Quality" Locking Mailbox Insert - You Save $10 !

The inserts we are selling on this page are not first quality.... however... they are perfectly 100% functioning units that might have a "ding" or some paint imperfection that prevents us from selling them as "First Quality". And considering that lockboxes are completely concealed inside your mailbox.... I think these are a great way to save a few bucks. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Not many units available.


This locking mailbox insert adds a locking compartment to any ordinary standard mailbox. Constructed from 14 gauge steel with a stainless steel hinge. Two keys included. Mail gets pushed through slot. Slot bent inward to help prevent a hand reaching in to steal your mail.

These are not vaults, but they do protect mail from a casual thief and it will offer an excellent visual deterrent. Once a mail thief sees your lockbox, he'll probably move on to an easier victim.

PRICES: LOCKBOX ONLY (mailbox itself not included)

Small Size - $59.00 each... $49.00 each (SOLD OUT)
Measures approx 5.75" wide x 4.75" high x 18" deep
Slot size: 5.75" wide x 1.25" high
Mailbox opening must be at least 5.75" wide (L-R)

Medium Size - $69.00 each... $59.00 each (+$12.99 UPS shipping)
Measures approx 7.5" wide x 5.75" tall x 18.5 " deep
Slot size: 7.25" wide x 1.5" tall
Mailbox opening must be at least 7.5" wide (L-R)

Large Size - $79.00 each... $69.00 each (DISCONTINUED)
Measures approx 10.5" wide x 7.5" tall x 21" deep
Slot size: 10.5" wide x 2" tall
Mailbox opening must be at least 10.5" wide (L-R)

Double Check the width
Double Check the depth

Do-it-yourself: Attaches inside your existing mailbox by drilling one hole in your mailbox floor and then fastening the lockbox in-place by tightening just one screw (screw included). This special screw uses a lock-nut that cannot be loosened from the underside.

Below we picture the small locking mailbox insert. It is the only one we sell that has a side flag cut-out. It has been our experience that only the small unit needs the cut-out.

Key Blanks: $3.00 each

A locksmith can make duplicate keys using our key blank. When we say locksmith, we don't mean Home Depot. We mean a professional locksmith.

Play the VIDEO at the bottom of the page.

Delivery to the 48 States Only

How Many Locking Inserts?:

CURRENTLY.... we only have the
7.5" wide Medium Size available.

Your lockbox includes 2 keys.

Key blanks for your local locksmith to make
additional keys are available for $3.00 each.

How many key blanks?:

Usually in-stock. Ships with 48 hours.

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