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Traditional Mailbox #4

Cast Mailbox and Post - $479.00

> Aluminum Casting (no rust). This is a direct burial post. A steel pipe (included) extends approx. 18" out the bottom of the casting. Dig a hole and plant the pipe (usually with a little concrete around it for extra support.)

> Available in black for $479. Also available in Antique Bronze or Antique Verde for $499.00

> Interior dimensions of the mailbox are 7" wide x 8" high x 19" deep.

> 2" brass numbers ($3.00 each) meaning if your house number is 530, for example, and if you want that 530 on both sides, then select "3 Numbers for Two Sides". The $3.00 is for each brass number you need.


What Color Mailbox:

Brass numbers mailed separately
with attachment instructions.

Add Brass Numbers? ($3.00/ea):

If you ordered brass numbers,
fill in House Number below:

Black Traditional #4 cast aluminum mailbox and post.
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