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In 1991 we opened a mail & parcel center in Merrick, NY (private PO boxes, packing, shipping, business services, etc). Six months later, just as we were starting to get rolling, a national franchise mail & parcel business opened up down the block claiming they didn't know we existed. We were devestated. How could "little-guys" like us compete against a huge company like them? I'm sure they planned to just roll over us. However, they underestimated our resolve. For the next two and half years, we played the role of that pesky little gnat that just wouldn't go away. We advertised where they advertised and targeted markets they never considered. Some hit, some missed. Our big hit was discovering a need for unique residential mailboxes on Long Island and the woodworking skills of the owner who made high-end contempoary-style cedar mailboxes. There was no competition at that time. Eventually the other mail & parcel center bought out our Merrick location and we were free to pursue an exterior decor business with an emphasis on residential mailboxes.

In 1995, we discovered something called the "internet" and the rest is history. A national mail order residential mailbox company was born.

REFERENCES: Every once in a blue moon someone calls us for "references". It raises the question of deception and fraud. Anyone can provide "references". Whether they have authentic value or not is another question.

So here's what we have:

1) A 600 page web site with 1000's and 1000's of photgraphs. If someone had criminal intent, I doubt they would prepare such an elaborate web site.

2) We have an ebay store. That will verify that we have been an ebay merchant since 1998, and at this moment in time, we have over 1000 positive feedbacks from previous customers. Click here to visit our ebay store.

3) And lastly.... we have one of these:

You don't get to display one of these badges without VeriSign and Norton Security investigating your legitimacy.

And that's it ! Case closed?

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