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Why Buy from us?


As you look at every internet mailbox web site, you will have to make a decision about who will ultimately get your business. Here’s our sales pitch......

Since 1993, The Mailbox Shoppe has been a full-time store specializing in residential mailboxes, house numbers, cast signs, weathervanes, and cupolas.

We have inventory ! Some internet merchants are just a desk. They take your order and forward it to a factory for drop-shipping. Frankly, we do that too, but we also have some products in-stock ready to be shipped out within 24 hours.

We also have the product variety that most internet merchants only dream about. We look at other web sites and know that very few of them (if any) present such a complete line of residential mailboxes and home accessories. We are on a never ending search for new and interesting products. That is why you can always find items on our site that no one else offers anywhere.

We aggressively seek business from Home Owner Associations and home builders. We have supplied quality products at discounted prices to dozens of developments across the USA. Call, email, or fax us your project requirements to receive a competitive bid.

Lastly, we have been around since 1993. That speaks volumes about our perserverence and committment to our business. Hopefully that means something to you as it does to us.


The Mailbox Shoppe has sold many mailboxes to developments across the USA. Our buider prices will vary depending on which model, how many units ordered at one time, delivery location, and any specialized needs your development may require.

Call, fax, or email your specifications and let us go to work for you.


We do not have any one catalog that shows our products as completely as the internet web site. Most information is available is right here at your finger tips, on-line and ready to be accessed. You can print individual pages which all show dimensions and prices.

We do have some printed material, from a variety of sources, and we can make copies of relevant information to mail. It is always best if you can describe what item you are looking for (wall mailbox, post mailbox, cupola, etc....) This will help us determine whether we have something worthwhile to send you.

If you have a problem, or some other inquiry, maybe related somehow to the "mailbox world", and you think we might be able to answer it, feel free to email us. We usually answer all emails within a few hours. Click here to email us.


The Mailbox Shoppe has been doing business on the web since 1995. Our Shopping Cart system makes ordering products very easy. It is fast, secure, and uses a form that is easy to complete. It also allows customers to "put in" and "take out" items to and from their cart prior to making their final purchase. Even after an order is placed, no charges are made against your credit card until the order is manually processed at our store usually within 24 hours.


If you prefer, you can browse our on-line catalog and place your order on the phone by calling us at 1-800-330-3309. We also have a good way of ordering by mail or fax. Complete the on-line order as usual, and select CHECK/MONEY ORDER as your form of payment. This way the order information gets emailed to us and you get a confirmation of the order emailed back to you. Then you can either Fax or Mail us a copy of the confirmation email with either a check or your Visa / Mastercard number with expiration date.

Our Mailing Address is:

The Mailbox Shoppe
PO Box 618
Centerport, NY 11721

Our toll-free phone number is 1-800-330-3309
Our fax number is 1-631-486-6735


Absolutely. All information you transmit to The Mailbox Shoppe is protected by the most advanced security measures available.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. (Or any debit card that has a Visa or Mastercard logo).


If we deliver anything to an address located in New York State (NYS), we must collect sales tax. When you initially add something to our shopping cart, it asks for the delivery zip code. If you do not enter your zip code at that point, the shopping cart system cannot determine that the delivery is going to a New York address and subsequently doesn't know to add the NYS Sales Tax. Instead of delaying your order, we automatically process it and add the sales tax amount due. By completing your purchase, you are agreeing to pay any applicable NYS sales tax when the delivery address is in NYS.


NO, we only ship to the continental 48 States. Sorry, no Alaska, no Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada.


Most items are shipped via UPS Ground (48 States only). Some items also have the UPS Ground shipping charge included in the product price. This doesn't mean that UPS is shipping the item for free, it simply means we have added it to the cost of the item for your convenience. Items returned for ANY REASON will incurr a mandatory 10% return fee to cover the initial cost of delivery (up to 25% for cupolas).


The Mailbox Shoppe has sold products via the internet since 1995. That makes us one of the “old-timers” in this new internet world. Over the years we have come to realize that very few people actually return our products. We think that has alot to do with the high quality items we sell. But if you need to return, or exchange something, the following rules apply.

RETURNABLE ITEMS: There is a 30 Day Return Policy for non-custom items. No return will be accepted without a Return Goods Authorization number (RGA#). You must email or call us by phone within 30 days after you received the item to be assigned an RGA # and make arrangements for the return. Do not just send the item to our New York address. Not all our products originate or get returned to our New York location. Call or email us for instructions. Items sent without a clear RGA# will be REFUSED. (Before calling us after the 30 day Return Period, may we politely suggest in advance that is a great way of getting rid of unwanted merchandise.) Along with the RGA# you will be provided with the correct address to where the return item must be shipped.

RGA numbers will be issued only to products that are non-custom. CUSTOM items such as, but not limited to, cast signs, mailboxes personalized with names or addresses, mailboxes with decorative fiberglass or copper wraps, and any item made especially for you are all non-returnable and non-refundable under any condition. All sign orders are FINAL once placed. Our custom-product suppliers do not allow orders to be canceled after they are placed. From the moment you place a custom order, that item belongs to you. The only exception would be if they are delivered to you damaged where they would then be replaced by the same exact item with no changes permitted.

If you are not certain whether the item you are purchasing is a NON-CUSTOM item or a CUSTOM item, please call before placing your order. Asking in advance avoids any possibility of confusion later.

CUSTOM SIGNS: Even though custom sign orders usually take 3-4 weeks, your credit card is charged in full before the order can be processed. Since sign orders cannot be cancelled, your payment must be made up front.

RETURN FEES: Only non-custom items are returnable. Non-custom items that had a separate shipping charge are refundable less a 10% return fee plus the original shipping charge. Original shipping charges are never reimbursed or refunded or waived for any reason. Some items have the UPS Ground shipping charge included in the product price. This doesn't mean that UPS is shipping the item for free, it simply means we have added it to the cost of the item for your convenience. Those items are subject to a 15% return fee to cover the initial cost of delivery (25% for cupolas - see below). You are also responsible for whatever it costs to safely ship a returnable item back to it's originating location (to be determined when you call for the mandatory RGA number).

CUPOLA RETURN FEES: Cupola shipping is very expensive. They are usually large boxes and/or multiple boxes. Larger cupolas also involve motor freight delivery which is way more expensive than UPS Ground. A returned cupola is subject to a mandatory 25% return fee. Since our cupola makers charge us for returns, we must enforce this strict 25% return fee. Again, you are responsible for the 25% return fee, plus whatever it costs to safely ship the cupola back to it's originating location (to be determined when you call for the mandatory RGA number).

Please, please, please call before ordering a cupola if you have any doubts about which cupola you are ordering.

When you return an item, you are responsible for that item being returned to us in perfectly new re-sellable condition, in the original packaging. Items returned in less than perfect condition will be subject to additional return fees charged. UPS has retail stores all across the country where people can help you with properly packaging your return. It is your responsibilty to make certain that the product arrives back to us in perfect condition.


INSPECT ALL ITEMS UPON DELIVERY. Damage claims must be made within 7 days of delivery. If you opt to not inspect the items when they get delivered, then you waive the right to claim something was delivered damaged, or delivered with parts missing. INSPECT ALL ITEMS UPON DELIVERY.

We package merchandise to meet or exceed UPS packing standards to minimize the possibility of damage during transportation. However, in the rare event that an item arrives to you in damaged condition, there are some important steps to take. First, if you see that the outer carton has obvious damage, be sure the delivery driver notes the damage on his/her delivery record. Second, immediately inspect the contents for any damage. Many times the outer shell carton is crushed, but the item itself is fine (at least that’s what we hope). If there is damage, be sure to save as much of the original packing material as possible. Call us at 1-800-330-3309 and we’ll talk you through the next steps to take.


We do not sell or use your personal information in anyway. Basically your information is used once to complete your purchase. It is then put in a box with piles of other information and shelved in our warehouse never to see the light of day again. Seven years after your purchase, the paper with your information will be shreaded and thrown away. We don't pass your info to anyone else and we don't send you unwanted emails.

You are visiting 1-(800) 330-3309.