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Residential Cupolas for House, Garage, Barn, or Building

Since 1993, we have sold hundreds of cupolas to satisfied customers across the USA. Many of our customers are contractors and builders. Our cupola selection includes copper, wood, and aluminum roofs, windowed or louvered mid-sections, square or hexagonal, with sizes from 16-72" square. Many are still available made from wood, but our best selling material is maintenance-free Azek vinyl. It looks like wood, but it never rots and never needs to be painted.

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ABOUT CUPOLAS from The Mailbox Shoppe:

Since 1993, we have supplied quality cupolas at reasonable prices to customers across the USA.  In the old days all cupolas were made from wood.  That was OK, but they did need to be repainted every once in a while if you expected them to last a long time.  Today our cupola guys are mostly using a vinyl material called Azek Trimboards.  This is not a vinyl covering like siding used on houses.  It is essentially a white maintenance-free white cellular vinyl material that resembles standard dimensional lumber.  From any distance away, it looks just like painted wood.

Azek carries a 25 year manufacturers warranty.  It is delivered to you white and it never needs to be repainted. It can be painted if white is not your color of choice, however, once something is painted, it will need to be painted again at some point in the future.  (I 'd say most people keep their cupolas white).

Azek may be a few dollars more than wood, but it will pass the test of time way better than painted wood or some of the less expensive vinyl products other people use which may get worn out looking after a few years of outdoor exposure.

These units  are delivered flat on the bottom.  The installer will need to cut in the roof "wedge".  These cupolas can fit up to a 10/12 pitch roof.  That means there is enough base height to cut in a roof "wedge" no steeper than 10/12.  If your roof has a 12/12 pitch , you can purchase an extended base. Know your roof pitch before placing an order.

Some customers who have a roof pitch that is measured as 10/12 or less might still consider adding a base extension to give the cupola a higher profile.

Our popular copper roof units are made from 16oz / 24 gauge copper.  Most cupolas have a hole in the peak for a standard 3/4" full-size weathervane rod.  If you have a weathervane with a 3/4" rod, it will get inserted into the hole in the peak. The end of the rod will come to rest in a notched horizontal cross beam located inside the cupola. If you don't need the hole in the peak, it can be plugged.

If this cupola has louvers, then it can be used as a functiong venting unit.  If this cupola has windows, one of the windows is hinged.  It can be opened for cleaning or other maintenance.


All cupola prices and options with shipping charges are displayed on our cupola pages.


Generally speaking, there is no off-the-shelf inventory available for immediate shipping.  In almost all cases, cupolas are custom made after your order is placed.


Most cupolas up to 24" wide can ship via UPS Ground only to the 48 States.

For larger cupolas, we ship via motor freight only to the 48 States.   Depending on the number of other pending orders, and your proximity to Lancaster, PA, delivery times can vary usually around 3 weeks.  Motor Freight companies will call you to make a delivery appointment. If you have a strict time deadline of less than 3 weeks, or other questions, please contact our customer service at 1-800-330-3309 before purchasing.


The article below was written by Nicole Hamilton, a contributing writer for eHow.com

What is a Cupola?

Cupolas are a popular way to add character to roof tops. They have a long history and have been integrated into modern architecture as a way to bring light and air into a building.


  1. Cupolas are installed on top of roofs and look like domes or boxes mounted on a square or round base. Many look like small buildings and have weather vanes mounted on top. Some cupolas have a practical purpose, while others are only decorative.
  2. History

  3. Large round cupolas originated in the architecture of the Middle East. Over time the design spread to Russia, Spain, Vienna, and Austria. Cupolas can be seen topping many churches in these countries. By the 19th century cupolas were common accents on houses in the United States.
  4. Function

  5. Ventilation is the primary function of a cupola. Most cupolas have adjustable vents to control airflow into attic spaces. Cupolas are also used to bring more light into a room and increase the sense of internal space. Some cupolas are built large enough to walk into and offer a high vantage point.
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